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Unlimited Media Limited (UML) was formed in 2001 by the father-son team of Ben and Leo Sidran. The company was initially designed to steer the production and marketing of their various projects, including more than forty solo albums and an equal number of productions for other artists, clients and film companies.

In the ensuing years, the scope of UML has grown to include almost every facet of music production, from the creative to the consumer, and the UML catalog has grown to over 1,000 song titles that are available for licensing, many of which can be tailored and edited. Today, UML has become adept at niche marketing, particularly developing and distributing intellectual property online.

UML Consulting Services

In 2010, Amanda Sidran joined UML as operations manager and director of intellectual property, overseeing the growing proprietary catalog. She soon discovered a growing need for UML’s services within the greater music community, and has subsequently been consulting for other independent music and media companies. Currently, UML clients include Dreyfus Records and Brassland Records, and the recording artists Dave Holland and Aaron Goldberg.

UML services include managing record production and manufacturing, social media, digital distribution, ebook and digital publishing, and website development / management. Because of our long standing and diverse relationships in the music industry, UML can find the right person and the simple solution to almost any problem.


Leo Sidran is currently composing music for commercials, television, and film, in addition to ongoing record production and song writing. He has written over 100 national or international commercials for clients including Coca-Cola, Converse, Disney, Heineken, L’Oreal, Olay, McDonalds, Royal Caribbean, Sprite, Taco Bell, Vaseline, and Visa. Additionally, he has scored feature length documentaries for Discovery, ESPN, IFC, PBS, and Sundance. In 2005, Leo produced the Academy Award Winning song “Al Otro Lado Del Rio” from the film Motorcycle Diaries. (www.leosidran.com)

Ben Sidran has recently dedicated himself to writing and lecturing on Jewish popular music in America, in addition to his regular schedule of performing, recording, and producing for radio and television. Notable records include projects with Diana Ross, Georgie Fame, Mose Allison, Paul Pena, Ricky Lee Jones, Steve Miller, Tony Williams, and Van Morrison. (www.bensidran.com)

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